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everyday groceries at pomona foods belsize park

groceries belsize park

groceries belsize park

groceries belsize park

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pomona belsize park groceries
pomona belsize park groceries
pomona belsize park groceries
pomona belsize park groceries
pomona belsize park groceries

groceries On one of our first ever days open, way back in 2002, a customer commented that she loved the shop but hoped we wouldn't become a store where someone only goes to buy something special - looking back, a great piece of advice. I'm happy to say that that person, 10 years later, is a regular customer (and friend), buying day to day shopping and occassionally popping in for the odd 'something special'.

At Pomona we pride ourselves on our extensive range of everyday items. Amongst many others they include the following...

teas & coffees
Our introductory range is Clipper Organics. Here you will find English Breakfast, Assam and Earl Gray alongside numerous herbal infusions such as Fennel, Nettle, Peppermint, Camomile, and several decaffinated varieties. We also stock Yogi Tea, Pukka,Dragonfly, Clearspring's Japanese range, Hampstead Teas, and Teapigs - winner of numerous awards and Gold Stars at the annual Great Taste Awards - a particular staff favourite is the Lemongrass and also the Jasmine Pearls.

At least once a month we give an order to the Coffee Plant coffee specialists based in Portobello Road. The beans they send us are freshly ground and sealed thus always guaranteeing a first class flavour. Their coffees are rated from mild to medium to strong, something for all tastes.

Our organic pasta is made by a family owned business in the North of Italy. It is bronze extruded which means that traditional bronze dies are used to create the shapes, giving it a slightly rougher surface which binds the sauce more naturally and follows the principles of traditional Italian pasta production. We also stock the famous De Cecco range of pastas, Seggiano's range of pastas made with organically grown durumwheat from the Val d'Orcia, Tuscany. Alongside these we also stock specialist pastas including rice based and spelt based.

tins & jars
Various beans, pulses, vegetables and sauces. In fact, too many to list. However a special mention should be given to our Monjardin 'Agricultura Ecologica' range of beans and pulses. These include organic white haricot beans, organic chick peas, and organic large butter beans. Also worth a mention and becoming increasingly popular is our jars of 'pelati' - Italian peeled plum tomatoes, a store cupboard essential for every serious foodie.

store cupboard essentials
Rice - basmati, jasmine, wild, black, short & long grain, risotto, paella, camargue...
Beans, Peas and Pulses - cannelini, aduki, black turtle, butter, pinto, yellow split peas, red split lentils, red kidney, brown lentils, Puy lentils...
Nuts and Seeds - pecans, walnuts, pine kernels, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, brazils, all types of almonds....
Flours - bread flours, self raising, plain, gluten free, buckwheat, rice...
Breakfast Cereals - up to 30 varieties of adult's and children's tasty cereals, from the humble porridge oats to the children's favourite, Doves Farm Cocoa Rice Pops.
Dried Fruits - apricots, bananas, cranberries, currants, figs, dates, sultanas, cherries...
Honey - Local Hampstead Honey from Roderick Road NW3 (yes, really Hampstead & local), Norfolk Cottage, Raw English Heather, Manuka from New Zealand, Seggiano's Artisan collection from Italy including Acacia, Eucalyptus, and Wild Flower and Alemany's specialist Spanish honey, heather being our particular favourite.

organic cold pressed oils
Linseed, hempseed, virgin coconut, sunflower, rapeseed, sesame, flaxseed, avocado, and then the king of oils, Homer's liquid gold, olive oil. Starting with our 'house oil'. An organic first cold pressed extra virgin oil made from 3 Spanish varieties of olives, Verdial, Hojiblenca and Manzilla. After harvesting the olives are washed, stoned and pressed slowly at low temperatures, and then filtered naturally to make sure the oil keeps it's goodness and taste. This oil comes in half litre bottles and is keenly priced. We carry a further 14 varieties of olive oil and at the top end these include Seggiano, an oil produced by small holders from the Olibastra Olives in Tuscany. Primo, a Sicilian organic extra virgin olive oil which in 2010 was crowned the World's best organic oil. And a staff favourite, the Nunez de Prado, "the flower of the oil". This Spanish extra virgin oil is unfiltered so as to preserve it's full aroma and flavour.

household products
We carry a wide range of household cleaning products and accessories. Starting with Ecover's diverse range of Ecological cleaning products, we move on through recycled aluminium foil, biodegradable kitchen compost bags, degradable refuse sacks to beauty products and body care.

baby foods & products
Earth Friendly Baby - organic hypo allergenic eco baby wipes - "healthy planet healthy baby" - bubble bath, shampoo & body wash, body lotion, cleansing bar (soaps). 100% biodegradable nappy sacks.
Babynat - organic, infant and follow on, milk formula
Nanny Care - goat milk based, fortified, formula.
Ella's Kitchen - 100% organic pureed fruits and vegetables 'with nothing added, not even water', food pouches for children, for babies suitable from 4 months.
Organix - "no junk promise". organic rice cakes, cereals, biscuits, healthy crisps!
Tom's of Maine - "silly strawberry" toothpaste makes brushing children's teeth fun! If not for you, definitely for them!

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