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Belsize Park, London
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fresh organic bread daily from pomona belsize park

fresh bread daily at pomona foods belsize park
pomona belsize park fresh bread
pomona belsize park fresh bread
pomona belsize park fresh bread
pomona belsize park fresh bread
pomona belsize park fresh bread
pomona belsize park fresh bread
pomona belsize park fresh bread

fresh bread New customers are always amazed by our range of breads. In total we stock at any one time up to 50 varieties.

Bread Lady
"Life is too short to eat bad bread" - Bread Lady
We are delighted to introduce a new bread (as of February 2015) from Sofia the 'Bread Lady'. Sofia bakes for us 3 times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) the most amazing breads based on breads from her childhood growing up in Sweden. Somebody recently said, "I always thought you sold the best bread in London, now I know that you do". High praise indeed.

The Flour Station
"craft breads from a truly British bakery"
Since 2005 The Flour Station have been supplying us with a wide range of their award-winning breads and pastries. Recently there have been GREAT TASTE AWARD GOLD STARS for their LONDON BLOOMER (with a recipe dating back to 1939), Olive Levain, Walnut Levain, Rye, Pugliese and Focaccia. Our personal favourite, and our best seller, is the multi grain loaf. Delicious as a sandwich, we love it toasted with lashings of butter and our 'small batch' lemon curd. Yummy. A great start to the day. Baked overnight and delivered daily, you'll find their bread displayed in store and ready to go by 8am.

"a passion for crafting quality bread"
In June 2000 Lionel Poilane opened his first shop outside of France, in London. It took him over 2 years to obtain permission to use a wood fired oven, the first in London since the great fire of London in 1666. The famous sourdough, pan poilane was our very first bread, stocked by us since our opening in 2002. Great used traditionally as an open sandwich, try it toasted with goat's cheese, a tasty treat.

Aston's Bakery
"nature's bakehouse"
Syd Aston, one of Rick Stein's Food Heroes, "always was a man ahead of his time". Passionate about organic food since the 1960s, he started baking in 1982. Syd, "an artisan baker of the old school" continues to make tasty sourdoughs and 'normal' loaves. You've no chance of finding these at any chains, but can at Pomona. We receive up to 10 varitieties daily from Syd, including "the finest Pain au Levain you'll taste outside France".

Christophe Plichets
"traditional German rye from a real Muhlenbakerei"
Every Wednesday, Christophe sets off from his 'Muhlenbakerei' in West Phalia, Germany to deliver his traditional wholemeal ryes to discerning clientele in London. We are fortunate that Christophe stumbled across us whilst stopping to view our outside fruit & vegetable display. His Thursday delivery of wholeloaf and sliced rye is eagerly awaited, especially by our Northern European customers. They have often told us that they never thought they would find rye this good in London.

We also stock a wide range of long life breads including sunflower, pumpernickel and rice breads.

pomona foods belsize park - fine foods and organic products

179 Haverstock Hill
Belsize Park
London, England

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